Falling into place

We sold our Jeep today! Just in the nick of time!

We adjusted our move day back a day. We will still pick up the U-Haul on Tuesday, but we will use all day to load it and clean our house. Then we’ll drive away on Wednesday, and arrive at our new apartment on Friday, May 5. I will drive the Escape and Jack will drive the U-Haul, towing our Volvo on the back.

On May 8, Tyson will get to meet his acting coach for the first time face-to-face. (They’ve been doing classes via FaceTime.) Her studio is only a few minutes from our apartment. On May 10, Tyson is scheduled to get new headshots and photos taken, as recommended by Tyson’s talent manager. We need to take about 10 different outfits, so I need to get those ready this weekend. I plan to pack those separately so I know exactly where they’re at for his shoot.

Now that we’ll be living in LA, Tyson will be involved in much more acting development. Based on the recommendation of his acting coach, he’ll likely be in some sort of acting class five days per week. (Online schooling will be much more conducive to Tyson’s schedule…much less stressful.)

Yesterday, I received a callback from a job I applied for a couple of months ago that I really wanted. They are starting their week-long training class for new employees the week of May 8. They invited me for an interview on Monday morning May 8. Even thought it’s last minute, they are confident I will make a good fit. I’m so excited! Now I don’t have to take the job in Pasadena that I was dreading! This new job will offer me more time flexibility and the potential for a lucrative income.

We ran more errands today. We finally bought everything we needed for our soon-to-be vacation rental. I also bought several organizational items at Staples. Tyson’s life is going to be SO FULL, and he’s forgetful. He will need to learn to keep track of all of his appointments and school work due dates. So we bought a huge dry erase board calendar to record the family’s schedules (e.g. my work schedule, Ty’s acting classes, auditions, etc). We bought a smaller dry erase calendar that we’ll also hang on the wall that will only be for Tyson’s school work.

It’s amazing how things are falling into place. So far everything has happened that we have wanted to happen. Now we truly are excited to move to CA to see what else is in store for us. 🙂

Tomorrow is my nephew Ramsey’s 4th birthday party. The entire family will be at my sister’s in Bend. I’m so happy we’ll get to see everyone one last time right before we move. Even though we are excited to go on this incredible adventure, we will miss everyone dearly.

T minus 6 days

I had yesterday (Monday) and today off work to do move-related stuff. Over the weekend, I went into work Saturday morning for a few hours. I only have tomorrow and Thursday left.

Then I ran a few errands Saturday afternoon.

Sunday we sold the tent trailer! It ended up being a bit of a hassle, but it’s done.

We are still trying to sell the Jeep. Lots of interest, but the high mileage is scaring people. I’m hoping I won’t have to drop the price AGAIN. We’ll see.

Monday we stayed home and did more packing. I did laundry, and coordinated the bedding linens regarding what would stay for the vacationers’ beds versus what we’ll take for us in LA. Jack put together the new futon in the addition that will add two more spots for sleepers once our home becomes a vacation rental. (The more people you can comfortably sleep, the more rent you can command.) Last week Jack set up the television and Xbox (he found at Game Stop for cheap!) in the addition. Our house is looking great. It will make a great vacation rental!

The garage is cleaned out! Monday Jack moved all the packed boxes in our house ready for LA into the garage. They were in our way while trying to clean and organize the house into a vacation rental. This finally gave me space underneath Tyson‘s loft bed. We are putting a twin bed under the loft bed so it will act like a bunk bed for vacationers.

Jack and I got online and viewed the apartments at the top of our list. We took notes and numbered the apartments in the order we liked them. We called and applied for our TOP FAVORITE apartment, and we GOT IT! So all day today (Tuesday) we were gathering paperwork and running errands so we could provide the apartment manager everything they needed, including deposits and first month’s rent and copies of various documents. (They need a LOT of information in California to rent an apartment.)

What stinks is they could only push out our lease on the apartment four days. Which means we start owing rent April 29.

Obviously this means we need to move down there ASAP. So we now have decided on an official move date of Tuesday, May 2. We will arrive Thursday, May 4.

Our apartment is located in Studio City. It’s literally within walking distance of Universal Studios. How cool is that?! And there’s a park across the street. That feature really sold us on this apartment. Because the apartments in the area we were looking in – in our price range – did not have much (if any) green space around.

And for a two bedroom apartment, it’s actually bigger than many of the others we looked at. Most of them were under 1,000 square feet. Our apartment is 1,137 square feet! And the price was the same as the smaller ones we were looking at, so we are feeling very blessed right now.

Today we also secured renters insurance, submitted forwarding address information to the post office, signed and submitted our contract with the property management company who will rent out our home, went to the bank, went to Staples (to make copies), and stopped by Home Depot and Walmart.

I still have to call and set up all the utilities for our new apartment. And reserve our U-Haul. Since my last day of work is Thursday, I’ll have Friday to change our contact info with all of our utility companies and other businesses that mail us.

So much to do, so little time

So much has been happening.

I have one week of work left. And I still have a lot to get done.

We’re still trying to sell our Jeep and tent trailer. Some have been interested. Every few days I’m refreshing them on Craigslist and routinely dropping the prices.

Jack is doing a great job cleaning out and organizing the garage.

We continue to figure out our finances and budgets, moving things around.

We continue to pack boxes and our home is slowly evolving into a vacation rental. We had our meeting with the property management company we chose last week. We had to buy several items and shift some furniture around. Jack had to contact a hot tub company to set up a maintenance contract. It is taking a lot of coordination.

We are at the point where Jack and I are now seriously considering our apartment options. We have a short list of apartment complexes we’ve been keeping our eyes on. Any day now we plan to apply for one of them.

I’ve been in communication with the kids’ schools and tying up loose ends.

I’ve been researching education options for Tyson (and Ariel). We are seriously considering online school/homeschooling. I’m in contact with two different programs we are interested in. I’ve been in contact with a mom who moved to Sherman Oaks with her son last summer. She put him in public school, but was discouraged with how strict the school district has been with her son’s attendance when he had to leave for auditions. It was so bad she decided to enroll him in online school next year.

I am intrigued by the idea of the kids’ education being planned around our lives versus the other way around. As a society we are conditioned to plan our lives around the public school system of our kids being educated in a certain structure from eight to three Monday through Friday.

It’s time for us to think outside of the box.

I anticipate Tyson will be out of school relatively frequently. He may have an audition (or, better yet, an acting job). And I want us to be able to travel to Oregon regularly. After reading Burbank school district’s attendance policy, as often as I foresee taking Ty out of school, it just won’t work.

We discussed all this with Ty. At first he seemed reluctant, but then he started getting excited about doing school online, especially if it meant shorter school days.   🙂

LA is not my home

LA is not my home

LA is not my home.

Living here in Sunriver was my husband’s and my dream. Now we’re leaving. And even though we’re excited for the opportunities in LA, we are sad that we are leaving.

In LA there are people and cars everywhere. So much concrete and buildings, not many trees except for spindly palm trees, smog…and a severe lack of cozy, down-home feel.

In Sunriver we breathe mountain fresh air. It’s quiet and serene with fir trees everywhere, beautiful town structures, snow-capped mountains in the background, hiking and biking trails everywhere, the Deschutes River just steps away…and down-to-earth, peaceful people who know how to enjoy the simple things in life.


Maybe LA isn’t ALL bad. When visiting LA, I have noticed something…magical…in the air. The scent of dreams. Sometimes it’s so palpable, you can taste the confidence and excitement of believing you’re meant to be there for your dreams to come true.

LA is full of dreamers, doers, creators. Manifesters. People who are not afraid to share their light with the world. You see it and feel it. And among the dreamers we’ve met, they automatically carry a well of optimism and hope. They are not rigid and stuck in their physical reality. They live in a world of potentials. They are naturally open. Open to the possibilities out there for them.


Although I love the serene, peaceful atmosphere of Sunriver, I also love that creation energy.

LA is not our scene. But maybe I can bring Sunriver with us. Maybe LA needs some Sunriver peace and serenity.

And we can create a second dream home down there.

Because who says you can only have one dream home?


Moving forward

Things are moving along!

Jack has been working hard on cleaning out the garage and putting stuff in storage. We have been able to sell a couple items on Craigslist. We found someone to take the bearded dragons, and we have someone coming tomorrow to look at the tent trailer.

This week I also got in touch with another mom who moved down to LA last July with her son. It was great to be able to ask her questions. Her responses encouraged me greatly.

She mentioned that her son is in public school, but that they’re seriously considering homeschooling him next year with online school. That is something we had been considering for Ty, too. Apparently, on weeks when her son has several auditions, the schools aren’t too lenient with him being gone so much.

I’m headed to my employer’s corporate office in Salem tomorrow for a few days. I have some meetings to attend. It will be my last time over there.

It’s been almost two weeks now since I’ve given my resignation notice to my boss. The emotions I had swirling around that event have subsided. Now I find myself constantly thinking of the future and looking forward. Especially as more opportunities are already starting to show themselves for Ty as we get closer to living in LA. We have a self-tape audition we’re submitting today for a role that Ty is pretty excited about.

Next Friday is my flex Friday. I have several errands planned. We are also scheduled to meet with the property management company that will manage our house as a vacation rental.





Letting go

Letting go

With ambivalent emotions I gave my 30-day notice to my boss today. I could hardly sleep last night. This was the major final step to take to solidify our move to LA. It’s done now.

We are moving to Los Angeles.

The conversation with my boss went well. I knew it would go fine, but the FINALITY of it has always been what has made me nervous. I’m now at the mercy of fate. Scary.

Letting go of control in my life has always been hard for me.

I’m believing by taking this leap of faith, doors of opportunity are bound to open.

As I look out the window, I see a flurry of snowflakes, vigorously dancing with the strong winds. The snowflakes have no ideas where they’re going, where they’re headed.

And, yet, they are perfectly content blowing around wherever the wind carries them.


Almost blissful. They are just “being.”

That’s where I’m striving to be.

I have no idea where this California adventure will take us. And I’m learning more and more that knowing the result of our journey is not the answer; the journey is.


Trust. I am learning to trust Spirit. (Or God if you prefer that term…it’s become too masculinized for me because I believe God is genderless. Gender is an earthly construct, but that’s for an entirely different blog.)

And I don’t believe I’m meant to only trust. But to ENJOY the process.

In his book MOTIVATION MANIFESTO, Brendon Burchard, says,

“The magic of life is found in learning to bring joy to the uncertainty.”

That definitely does not come naturally to me.

But I want it to. I know blessing comes with living life this way.

So it begins…

So it begins…

The journey has begun…

We have been slowly packing and boxing items up to move to Los Angeles. Because we’re downsizing (A LOT), we are putting much of our household items in storage. We are also preparing our house to be a vacation rental. There is SO MUCH to do.

Our target date to move is May 1. To turn in my 30-day notice to my employer, I need to do that within the next couple weeks. I’m so nervous about it. For the last 10 years of my life, I’ve relied on my employer as my sole source of income.

It’s scary.

Although, there’s a part of me that is excited. To see what life has in store for me now that I’m somewhat…free.

I’m fortunate that I have a job waiting for me in Pasadena, which is about a 20-minute drive from Burbank. Adequate pay, great benefits, stable company. I should be thrilled.

But I’m not.

Securing this job does make the move easier psychologically. It was this job offer that clinched our decision to move because we know there is a guaranteed income waiting for me.

But I REALLY don’t want this job. I applied for it because it was an easy, guaranteed paycheck. Now I’m having second thoughts. I want to be living my life with my kids and husband, and be involved with my kids’ activities and endeavors. I want to be able to stay highly involved in Tyson’s acting career. I want to be able to home-school Ariel (since we doubt we’ll be able to afford preschool). I want to be able to focus more on my (and my family’s) health. I don’t want to be stressed out all the time, trying to fit in everything I need and want to do with no time.

My head is telling me to take the job. My heart is screaming from within, yelling, “No!” I don’t know what I’m going to do yet.

Of course, the dream is Tyson will book jobs to help with the household income; however, we don’t want to place that burden on him. Financially we’re planning as if he’ll never get any jobs. Expect the best, prepare for the worst.

I’m walking in faith now. Faith that everything will work out as it’s supposed to.


Even though we haven’t moved yet, this evolutionary journey has already started for me…