A (positive) taste of more to come…?

August is here and things are slowly starting to happen. Tyson’s training the last few months in LA are starting to show results.

Disclaimer: I’m not giving specific details on any of the projects due to NDAs. Even if we didn’t formally sign an NDA, it appears that sometimes potentially proprietary information gets revealed when it shouldn’t…which could then cause a project to be canceled. Consequently, to err on the side of caution, I will not share specifics of the projects Tyson auditions and/or books unless I’ve received clear permission (which most of the time I don’t have).
For instance, Tyson booked a promo for The Emoji Movie. At the time of shooting (and my blog post), we signed an NDA and could not share anything. We were told once the movie comes out (July 28), it was no longer a secret. Hence why I can tell you now.  🙂 (I have not seen this aired anywhere yet.)

Within the last couple of weeks, Tyson auditioned for a music video, SAG short film and a commercial.

He also had two voiceover auditions last week, one of them being for an upcoming animated series. We have not heard back on the voiceover auditions…yet. 😉

Tyson enjoying his voiceover class

Music Video | Audition results: On AVAIL! Then project canceled.
Tyson got a callback (woohoo!) and went in for another audition. That audition went well because…he was then put on avail! 😀

Tyson is ready for his callback audition!

Then the music video project got cancelled. 😦 (Who knows why. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon.) We were bummed as Tyson was really excited for this role.

Commercial | Audition results: CALLBACK!
Tyson got a callback in which the second audition is tomorrow!

SAG short film | Audition results: PINNED!
Tyson got a callback (yay!!!) and went in for another audition. At the second audition, in addition to performing the lines of the main character, they wanted Tyson to do the lines for the second main character. (Our theatrical agent did inform us that Tyson should be familiar with the lines of all the roles for his callback audition, which he did.)

Later that day our manager informed us that Tyson was pinned for the second main character!

We are still waiting to see if he got the part. Our agent informed us that there is a possibility of doing another audition, such as a chemistry read, to see how well he meshes with the other actors chosen for the other roles.

They say in this industry that you, “Hurry up! Then wait.”

So true.

Staying grounded
This industry is definitely not for the faint of heart. The waiting — and extreme ups and downs — can be brutal. It’s just continued to validate for me how important it is for our family’s health (including all aspects…physical, emotional, spiritual) and well-being to remain a top priority, along with Jack and I providing a stable, loving environment for our kids where they can remain grounded and understand that acting is not all of who they are. And, no matter what happens, our kids know they are loved unconditionally…just for “being.”


We continue to prioritize Tyson and Ariel’s school work each day. Especially because Tyson be home-schooled, we are being more diligent in finding opportunities for him to interact with his friends outside of acting. He’s made several friends in his acting classes. Yesterday when I picked up Tyson from his acting class, I picked up a couple of his friends (who are brothers) who came over to our place, had lunch, then played together in the pool. And he’s going to a sleepover this Friday at their apartment.

Fun fact: One of the brothers is on the cast of the next season of The Toy Box that will air on ABC October 1. We have this date marked on our calendars to watch him! As the date gets closer, I’ll share who this is. 🙂

Final thoughts
Even if Tyson doesn’t book the roles we’re currently waiting on, the fact that he is receiving callbacks (especially avails!) on all his auditions (minus the voiceover auditions we haven’t heard from) is very promising. We are very excited for episodic season to ramp up. We are trying not to get our hopes up. But it is difficult as he is getting all these callbacks! Especially because we were anticipating that he would probably not book until at least a year of training here in LA as we were trying to remain realistic. These recent positive results indicate Tyson is on the right track.

Although, Tyson has been entrenched in all kinds of acting classes – including singing and dancing – five to six days per week. Maybe it’s not so farfetched for him to be booking roles so soon.  🙂




One thought on “A (positive) taste of more to come…?

  1. It’s good Tyson gets fun time with his friends. He keeps really busy with his career!! Glad he gets to experience new things in life. He is having a great summer.
    Hugs to you all. Love Mom

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