Slow, sweet summer

Slow, sweet summer

Happy Summer! The weather has been gorgeous here as we have been thoroughly enjoying the pool and soaking up the rays.


July 4
Although we would have loved to be with our family for the July 4th holiday, we ended up having a great time. We were invited to a July 4th party that took place up in the Hollywood hills. The kids had a great time in the pool and doing karaoke. And we were able to watch all the huge “official” fireworks being set off in Studio City, Burbank, and Hollywood all around us below!




Acting seasons
Auditions have been very slow. June and July is the time of year when people in the acting industry take a hiatus. August is when episodic season starts. Episodic season runs from August through November. Then pilot season runs from mid January through April.

Leveraging the hiatus
We knew this when we moved as we wanted to take this time to get settled in this new world (without worrying about school until September). And for Tyson to get as much acting education, coaching and practice in LA as possible before his world got really busy.

Tyson continues to take several acting classes each week, along with various workshops, including Improv, Singing, Voiceover, Commercials, and Feature Films. In the beginning, Tyson was a little hesitant with the improv and singing classes. Now he LOVES them. 🙂 In fact, last night after his Improv class, he was invited to stay for the Teen Improv class. He said it was awesome.


This week he is in an acting intensive from 10-3 Tuesday through Friday, in addition to his evening classes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. He has his three-hour voiceover workshop Saturdays right now. Last Saturday he was given homework in his voiceover workshop that we have been working on together this week.

Tyson has also made several new friends in his classes which has been neat to see. He is having so much fun.

For a long time Ariel has been telling us that she wants to take acting classes like Tyson. We have been responding, “Someday.” But lately she has been practically begging us. I haven’t seen many acting classes for four-year-olds. So I asked Jack (the owner of the acting studio where Tyson attends many of his classes) if he would ever consider a four-year-old in his age 5-8 classes. He said yes, if they were mature enough.

So one day when I returned to his studio to pick up Tyson from class, I brought Ariel with me. She met Jack. Jack said she would do great in the class. So Ariel tried a class. And she LOVED it. Now she will be attending class on Saturdays.

Ariel is so happy to be on her way to her first-ever acting class!

We were in the process of signing Ariel up to be available for background roles, but we decided she (and her possible future acting career) would be better served getting an actual education versus sitting (or standing) for hours in the background of a set. Additionally, you typically don’t put background work on resumes whereas with acting classes, you do.

Commercial Agent
Although auditions have been slow, I do have an exciting piece of information to share. Tyson is now represented by a commercial agent! Commercial Agents usually handle TV Commercials, Commercial Print and Voiceover. Whereas typically Theatrical Agents handle film and television. Tyson has a talent manager and a “theatrical” agent, but not a “commercial” agent. Until now.

Tyson‘s talent manager set up an appointment (AKA audition) for Tyson with the commercial agent. Tyson is now represented by KMR!

We’re ready
So, as the acting industry has been on hiatus, we have been taking a break, too. Transporting Tyson to and from acting classes, having the kids do school work one to two hours daily, enjoying the pool, and playing games with the kids most nights.


We recently updated Tyson‘s resume. Ordered a new batch of headshots. Ordered a couple new shirts that are appropriate for auditions. Tyson is entrenched in all kinds of acting classes.

We are READY for episodic season!


One thought on “Slow, sweet summer

  1. What a great update. Connie you are such a good writer. So glad you are having a fun summer. Tyson is keeping really busy and having a good time. That is so awesome Ariel is taking acting classes and is so excited about it. I love the pictures of the kids you posted. Miss you and look forward to seeing you in August.
    Hugs to you and the kiddos. Love, Mom

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