Long time, no blog

It has been a while since I posted. Mostly because there hasn’t been much happening. But I wanted to send a quick update.

Last week and the week before Tyson didn’t have any auditions. Although he did have one last Friday.

It picked up this week. He had an audition yesterday and today. I had been told that it can be like feast or famine. One week you’re busy like crazy with auditions. And the next week you’re waiting for audition emails to come in…and…


Fortunately, all of Tyson‘s auditions have been close to where we live. Anywhere from four minutes away to 25 minutes at the most. Which is fantastic! Especially for same-day audition calls, like yesterday. I received the text and email about 1pm…for Ty‘s call time at 4:55.

Tyson continues to take his private acting classes, and group acting classes of improv, on-camera practice, singing instruction and hip-hop. This Sunday he’s taking a three-hour workshop on auditioning for feature films. In July he’s taking a voiceover workshop every Saturday. He’s excited for the voiceover. He doesn’t seem as into the singing and hip-hop, but he is wanting to try it, which is good.

Every morning as part of his routine he goes over all of his acting notes, practices tongue twisters and cold reading, and works on whatever script he may have an audition for. He says he’s still loving it!

I’ve had several people tell me I should get Ariel into acting. Somebody shared with me a couple of talent management companies that focus solely on booking children (including babies) for background roles. So we’re currently in the process of getting Ariel signed up with a company! It’s cute because she is so excited about it.

In the meantime…

Hanging out at the pool catching California rays is a regular pastime for us. And look who was there the other day…




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