Tyson booked his first LA project!

Tyson booked his first LA project!

Tyson’s acting career is slowly starting. He had two auditions last week.

First audition |
Tonight we discovered that Tyson is a finalist with a couple other boys for the part! We should find out within the next couple of weeks if Ty got the role. *fingers crossed*

Even if Tyson doesn’t book this audition, the fact that he was chosen as a finalist is VERY ENCOURAGING. It provides validation that Tyson/we are doing something right.

Second audition |
He booked it!!!

It was a small project and he filmed it this past weekend. [I can’t give any details about the project due to the NDAΒ we had to sign…which is pretty standard.] It was his first job he has booked since we moved to LA about a month ago.

Tyson had the TIME OF HIS LIFE. He LOVED every second of it.

I had the pleasure of taking him and being on set with him. It is PRICELESS to see Tyson so happy and in his element.

Ty mom selfie
Ty enjoying his life and “work” in sunny LA.

Because, really…how many of us can really say we LOVE what we do for a living?

I don’t think many of us. And if there’s any way I can help give that AMAZING REALITY to my kids, I will do it.

I enjoyed myself, too. And got to be an extra in the background along with a few other moms for a couple of scenes! πŸ˜›

I met other moms who had their kids on set. We had great conversations. I learned about other projects their kids worked on. We learned about each others’ journeys on how each of us ended up in LA with our kids in the acting industry. And I learned some tips and tricks of the trade.

One of the main traits I noticed among the moms I spoke with (including myself ) was our positivity and life philosophy of not settling, and following your dreams. Even if it requires sacrifice, it’s worth it. One mom I met was from Texas where she had quit her stable government job after 20 years to support her son in his acting dream by moving to LA.

Some would say she’s nuts. Just as others have told me. πŸ˜‰

I say she’s a HERO.

Because she left her stable, predictable income and benefits. Because she left her comfort zone. Because she was not willing to stay with the status quo. Because she wanted her kids to be happy and be exposed to opportunities that would help them thrive in something they enjoyed and were skilled at. Because she knew life was too short to have regrets. Because she did what many others wouldn’t do.

Because it was scary, and she did it anyway.

That’s courage. That takes serious guts.

Because you know — whether all your dreams come true or not — you will be forever changed.

Because there’s no way a brave journey you decide to embark on can NOT change you.

rise to glory meme

And it’s not about taking the leap, then seeing if you’ll sink or swim. It’s about taking the leap, plunging in the water…and learning how to float. And letting the current take you wherever it is you’re meant to go.

I believe taking a leap of faith includes following your heart, sending love and kindness to the world, working hard, expecting the best, but ultimately not being attached to the outcome. Trusting that everything will work out as it’s supposed to for our highest good. And understanding that the results may or may not be what we originally hoped for.

People mistake taking leaps of faith as black and white. People tend to think that if things don’t work out the way they dreamed that they would, that they failed in realizing their dreams. I don’t believe that at all.

Our dreams move us in a direction that we’re supposed to go, then…that’s it. It starts you on a path. Nothing more. Because as we move along on our heart’s journey, we change. When people change, dreams change.

Faith is not hoping you won’t sink. Faith is not hoping you’ll be able to swim.

Faith is following your heart and not worrying about the outcome of your leap.


4 thoughts on “Tyson booked his first LA project!

  1. Dreams. Written very well.

    I guess the only dream I ever had was to be happy, have children and grandchildren. Success! Marrying your dad was the best dream. I guess my dreams are pretty simple. Proud of you for following Tyson’s dream. His success is all ready taking off. Proud of all of you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your dreams are BEAUTIFUL. And you went after those dreams! And they came true! Marrying the love of my life and having children was a dream of mine, too. Actually I think the simpler dreams can bring the most fulfillment. πŸ™‚


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