The sun will come out…tomorrow.

The sun will come out…tomorrow.

First, the rain…

Moving to California has not all been fun and games. As with any major move, we have definitely run into our share of storms.

For example, AT&T messed up our appointment to get cable and Internet installed. So we have been without cable this entire time. (They come tomorrow…finally.) Unfortunately, I missed the Dancing With The Stars finale and The Bachelorette premiere. {I know, I know…silly, first world problems.}

Wayfair accidentally shipped our bar stools we ordered to our old address. Although it appears the bar stools never showed up there either. (As far as I know, it’s still a mystery between Wayfair and Fedex.)

Without the bar stools, we have had no dining room furniture. So the kids’ table has been a big tupperware bin with a lid on the floor, with a sheet over it and the floor to prevent spilling on the living room carpet. Jack and I have been eating on the couch using our ottoman/coffee tables, or standing at our bar.


The California DMV has been a NIGHTMARE. There are SO MANY people here! I have been to several of LA’s DMVs three times now…one in Hollywood, one in Van Nuys, and one in Glendale.

And I get the pleasure of going a fourth time tomorrow.

California requires a TON of information and actions on our part.

We have to get our cars “verified” by the DMV in which we park our cars in “verification lines” so the DMV can check some things on your vehicle and fill out a form for you to show DMV your car has been verified.

I got our Volvo (convertible) verified already. It took about 50 minutes waiting in line in my car. We (or, rather, Jack) still have to do our Escape.

We have to find a place (typically a car repair shop) to conduct a smog test on our vehicles, and make sure we get that paperwork to DMV, too.

We have to get California drivers licenses…in which they require ALL sorts of documentation.

{Not to mention that ALL of these activities cost money!}

And we have to register our cars…and if it’s past 20 days since we became residents of California, we owe a penalty.

We may owe at this point.  😐

This guy’s post on his CA DMV experience had me cracking up. It’s SO TRUE.

Then, the sun…

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend. I would consider it our first “fun” weekend in which we finally ventured outside of our apartment to do something recreationally.

Our first social engagement
On Saturday we met up with a cousin and his family whom we had not met before. They live about 40 minutes away in Venice. We got to see their 1950s home that they’ve remodeled over the years into a chic, modern, functional family home. {So CUTE!} They took us to a yummy restaurant called Lemonade {so GOOD!} for lunch, then we walked among all the fun shops.


Saturday evening Jack, the kids, and I drove to Thousand Oaks (about 40 minutes away) and watched the Celtic Woman concert. I had bought tickets several weeks prior, knowing we’d be living in California by Saturday. I bought them with the justification that we {okay, mostly me} needed something to look forward to once we moved to California.

celtic woman

It was the kids’ first concert, and they did great. Ariel was fascinated by all the lights and the ladies’ dresses. And when she heard a song that she knew, she would excitedly tell me that she knew that song.

Tyson got a little bored after the first half. And toward the end Ariel got a little restless, but they were quiet and respectful the entire two hours. Afterward, Ty did admit to me that he “kind of” enjoyed it.  😉  It was great sharing a lovely evening of song and beauty with my family.

Griffith Park
Sunday I worked on chores and paperwork, then we took the convertible and visited Griffith Park for the first time. The park is about 10 minutes from our apartment and it was perfect weather.

griffith park 1

We drove around and explored the park first. The LA Zoo is located there along with observatories to view the Hollywood sign and other attractions. We found some green space to throw our frisbee and fly our kite. It was a lovely afternoon and probably the most active I’ve been since our relocation to California. It felt really good just to be outdoors, move my body, and play with the kids.

Pool time
Monday, we hung out at the pool all afternoon. The kids love it. They have beach balls and kick boards they play with. Tyson has been working on his hand stands. Ariel uses arm floaties to stay afloat. The gym looks out on to the pool, so Jack squeezed in a workout. And I LOVE that I’m getting tan again.

Bring on the sun!

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