Tyson’s “Firsts”

Tyson’s “Firsts”

Tyson’s FIRST in-person audition
Tyson had his first REAL in-person audition a few days ago. Ty met with the writers and producer for this small role in a short film. It seemed to go well. They called me in afterward and asked me some questions in regard to when Ty would need to be filming, location, etc. (which is encouraging)!

Tyson had another audition last week for a series regular role in which he submitted a self-tape. His private acting coach facilitated it. (She’s amazing.) I then sent it to our manager to submit it. Both Tyson’s manager and agent responded to me that they were very impressed with Ty’s audition and that he did great.

Even if Ty doesn’t book these jobs (which would be totally normal being that he’s just starting out here in LA and doesn’t even have a demo reel yet!), receiving that feedback from such experienced professionals in the industry is very encouraging.

Tyson’s FIRST LA group acting classes (and FIRST singing class!)
Tyson starts group acting classes this week. Tuesdays night are IMPROV & SINGING and Wednesday nights are ON-CAMERA practice. (Tyson’s manager and agent referred us to this particular acting school.) He is a little nervous for the Improv/Singing class, but knows he needs development in this area and wants to improve. I actually think he’ll enjoy it more than he thinks he will.

He has two more Saturdays of his commercial workshop, and he continues to see his private acting coach. To ensure Tyson continues practicing this summer, we established a routine for him: Read his notes (out loud), practice his tongue twisters, practice cold read, then work on acting homework and/or any scripts he has auditions/jobs for (which includes conducting scene study questions for each scene).

Tyson’s FIRST LA head shots

Tyson’s final head shots are done! Our talent manager chose five photos to use to submit for jobs/auditions and his resume. You can view his photos here!


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