Getting established

Despite the lessons learned, we are pleased with our apartment. For a two-bedroom, it’s considered large for this area (and our price range) at 1,137 square feet. We did such a good job downsizing before we moved that we actually are not too tight on space. In fact, I have more kitchen cabinets here than I did in our Sunriver home!

We have a decent sized living/dining room. We opted out of buying a dining room table to allow us to have more living space.


We gave the kids the big bedroom. And it’s big at 19 feet long. And having the kids sleep in a bunk bed makes the room even more spacious! We bought desks for both kids to do their school work and art. The desks fit nicely in their bedroom along with their television and xBox. Jack’s art table fit in there, too. Basically, one half of their room is their “bedroom,” and the other half is the family’s “work space.”

And the kids love all the amenities…two pools, hot tub, several business rooms with technology and WIFI, a couple of recreational rooms (kitchens, pool tables and big screen televisions included), great gym, outdoor BBQ area with big screen television and outdoor game area with pool, ping pong and foosball. (Ty was thrilled when our leasing consultant gave us the tour.) I’m hoping all this will help make up for the kids not having a yard anymore.

pool 2

Security is tight (which is great!) with cameras everywhere with gates all around the perimeter. Only residents can access the building and the subterranean parking garage (with key fob and parking sticker…in which the automatic gate will open for your car to enter once a scanner on the ceiling scans the sticker residents put on their windshield).

Around the block is a Ralph’s grocery store, RiteAid, and a plaza that contains Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Togo’s Sandwiches, Baskin Robbins, and a few other stores. We walked to get groceries the other day. Very convenient. We are looking forward to do more exploring of the area once time allows.

Ty was able to have his first private acting lesson in person with his acting coach last Monday. He said it was so much better in person versus Skype.

On Wednesday Ty got new headshots done by a photographer his talent manager referred us to. I can’t wait until they’re done! There were over 500 photos taken. Our talent manager is going through them to pick out the top 20. She is looking for photos of all kinds of emotions.


Ty had a lot of fun at his shoot. He wore about 10 different shirts. Per our manager’s request, I had laid them out and took pictures of each piece of clothing and sent them to her for her feedback. Based on her recommendations, I took out a couple  shirts, and hung the rest in a garment back for Jack to take with Ty.


plaid Ty
Proof 3 untouched

Toward the end of the shoot, the photographer had some film left, so he grabbed Ariel and took a few shots of her with Ty. Jack told me that evening that Ariel did so good! She followed every direction the photographer to a T! When he asked her to stop smiling, she did it. When he asked her to tilt her head slightly to the right, she did it. The photographer was amazed. I asked Ariel that evening if she enjoyed getting her picture taken. She did. Maybe it’ll soon be time to see if she would enjoy acting classes, too?   🙂

Ariel Ty sad


Ariel Ty happy

Per our talent manager’s recommendation, we signed Tyson up for a commercial workshop. For four Saturdays he’ll get commercial training at a casting studio in Hollywood (which is five minutes from where we live). Ty had his first workshop yesterday. He loved it and learned some great stuff. He came home talking about what he learned and showed examples.

Admittedly, this week of transition has been intense for me. We’re still working on getting settled. Just so many changes, so things just don’t feel normal right now; therefore, I don’t feel normal. I don’t like that feeling. I know it’ll get better. I’m assuming it’s like this with a lot of people when they move to a totally different place with a different “feel” than what they’re used to. Fortunately, my family helps me stay grounded. That’s where my focus is. 





2 thoughts on “Getting established

  1. Love the apartment! You guys did great downsizing and configuring the space. Pool and all extras seem awesome. So glad there’s so much protection and security there. And how cute Ariel got in the photo shoot! Those curls though whooeee.
    Prayers and blessings to all!💖😊🙏🏽


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