Falling into place

We sold our Jeep today! Just in the nick of time!

We adjusted our move day back a day. We will still pick up the U-Haul on Tuesday, but we will use all day to load it and clean our house. Then we’ll drive away on Wednesday, and arrive at our new apartment on Friday, May 5. I will drive the Escape and Jack will drive the U-Haul, towing our Volvo on the back.

On May 8, Tyson will get to meet his acting coach for the first time face-to-face. (They’ve been doing classes via FaceTime.) Her studio is only a few minutes from our apartment. On May 10, Tyson is scheduled to get new headshots and photos taken, as recommended by Tyson’s talent manager. We need to take about 10 different outfits, so I need to get those ready this weekend. I plan to pack those separately so I know exactly where they’re at for his shoot.

Now that we’ll be living in LA, Tyson will be involved in much more acting development. Based on the recommendation of his acting coach, he’ll likely be in some sort of acting class five days per week. (Online schooling will be much more conducive to Tyson’s schedule…much less stressful.)

Yesterday, I received a callback from a job I applied for a couple of months ago that I really wanted. They are starting their week-long training class for new employees the week of May 8. They invited me for an interview on Monday morning May 8. Even thought it’s last minute, they are confident I will make a good fit. I’m so excited! Now I don’t have to take the job in Pasadena that I was dreading! This new job will offer me more time flexibility and the potential for a lucrative income.

We ran more errands today. We finally bought everything we needed for our soon-to-be vacation rental. I also bought several organizational items at Staples. Tyson’s life is going to be SO FULL, and he’s forgetful. He will need to learn to keep track of all of his appointments and school work due dates. So we bought a huge dry erase board calendar to record the family’s schedules (e.g. my work schedule, Ty’s acting classes, auditions, etc). We bought a smaller dry erase calendar that we’ll also hang on the wall that will only be for Tyson’s school work.

It’s amazing how things are falling into place. So far everything has happened that we have wanted to happen. Now we truly are excited to move to CA to see what else is in store for us. 🙂

Tomorrow is my nephew Ramsey’s 4th birthday party. The entire family will be at my sister’s in Bend. I’m so happy we’ll get to see everyone one last time right before we move. Even though we are excited to go on this incredible adventure, we will miss everyone dearly.

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