T minus 6 days

I had yesterday (Monday) and today off work to do move-related stuff. Over the weekend, I went into work Saturday morning for a few hours. I only have tomorrow and Thursday left.

Then I ran a few errands Saturday afternoon.

Sunday we sold the tent trailer! It ended up being a bit of a hassle, but it’s done.

We are still trying to sell the Jeep. Lots of interest, but the high mileage is scaring people. I’m hoping I won’t have to drop the price AGAIN. We’ll see.

Monday we stayed home and did more packing. I did laundry, and coordinated the bedding linens regarding what would stay for the vacationers’ beds versus what we’ll take for us in LA. Jack put together the new futon in the addition that will add two more spots for sleepers once our home becomes a vacation rental. (The more people you can comfortably sleep, the more rent you can command.) Last week Jack set up the television and Xbox (he found at Game Stop for cheap!) in the addition. Our house is looking great. It will make a great vacation rental!

The garage is cleaned out! Monday Jack moved all the packed boxes in our house ready for LA into the garage. They were in our way while trying to clean and organize the house into a vacation rental. This finally gave me space underneath Tyson‘s loft bed. We are putting a twin bed under the loft bed so it will act like a bunk bed for vacationers.

Jack and I got online and viewed the apartments at the top of our list. We took notes and numbered the apartments in the order we liked them. We called and applied for our TOP FAVORITE apartment, and we GOT IT! So all day today (Tuesday) we were gathering paperwork and running errands so we could provide the apartment manager everything they needed, including deposits and first month’s rent and copies of various documents. (They need a LOT of information in California to rent an apartment.)

What stinks is they could only push out our lease on the apartment four days. Which means we start owing rent April 29.

Obviously this means we need to move down there ASAP. So we now have decided on an official move date of Tuesday, May 2. We will arrive Thursday, May 4.

Our apartment is located in Studio City. It’s literally within walking distance of Universal Studios. How cool is that?! And there’s a park across the street. That feature really sold us on this apartment. Because the apartments in the area we were looking in – in our price range – did not have much (if any) green space around.

And for a two bedroom apartment, it’s actually bigger than many of the others we looked at. Most of them were under 1,000 square feet. Our apartment is 1,137 square feet! And the price was the same as the smaller ones we were looking at, so we are feeling very blessed right now.

Today we also secured renters insurance, submitted forwarding address information to the post office, signed and submitted our contract with the property management company who will rent out our home, went to the bank, went to Staples (to make copies), and stopped by Home Depot and Walmart.

I still have to call and set up all the utilities for our new apartment. And reserve our U-Haul. Since my last day of work is Thursday, I’ll have Friday to change our contact info with all of our utility companies and other businesses that mail us.

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