So much to do, so little time

So much has been happening.

I have one week of work left. And I still have a lot to get done.

We’re still trying to sell our Jeep and tent trailer. Some have been interested. Every few days I’m refreshing them on Craigslist and routinely dropping the prices.

Jack is doing a great job cleaning out and organizing the garage.

We continue to figure out our finances and budgets, moving things around.

We continue to pack boxes and our home is slowly evolving into a vacation rental. We had our meeting with the property management company we chose last week. We had to buy several items and shift some furniture around. Jack had to contact a hot tub company to set up a maintenance contract. It is taking a lot of coordination.

We are at the point where Jack and I are now seriously considering our apartment options. We have a short list of apartment complexes we’ve been keeping our eyes on. Any day now we plan to apply for one of them.

I’ve been in communication with the kids’ schools and tying up loose ends.

I’ve been researching education options for Tyson (and Ariel). We are seriously considering online school/homeschooling. I’m in contact with two different programs we are interested in. I’ve been in contact with a mom who moved to Sherman Oaks with her son last summer. She put him in public school, but was discouraged with how strict the school district has been with her son’s attendance when he had to leave for auditions. It was so bad she decided to enroll him in online school next year.

I am intrigued by the idea of the kids’ education being planned around our lives versus the other way around. As a society we are conditioned to plan our lives around the public school system of our kids being educated in a certain structure from eight to three Monday through Friday.

It’s time for us to think outside of the box.

I anticipate Tyson will be out of school relatively frequently. He may have an audition (or, better yet, an acting job). And I want us to be able to travel to Oregon regularly. After reading Burbank school district’s attendance policy, as often as I foresee taking Ty out of school, it just won’t work.

We discussed all this with Ty. At first he seemed reluctant, but then he started getting excited about doing school online, especially if it meant shorter school days.   🙂

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