LA is not my home

LA is not my home

LA is not my home.

Living here in Sunriver was my husband’s and my dream. Now we’re leaving. And even though we’re excited for the opportunities in LA, we are sad that we are leaving.

In LA there are people and cars everywhere. So much concrete and buildings, not many trees except for spindly palm trees, smog…and a severe lack of cozy, down-home feel.

In Sunriver we breathe mountain fresh air. It’s quiet and serene with fir trees everywhere, beautiful town structures, snow-capped mountains in the background, hiking and biking trails everywhere, the Deschutes River just steps away…and down-to-earth, peaceful people who know how to enjoy the simple things in life.


Maybe LA isn’t ALL bad. When visiting LA, I have noticed something…magical…in the air. The scent of dreams. Sometimes it’s so palpable, you can taste the confidence and excitement of believing you’re meant to be there for your dreams to come true.

LA is full of dreamers, doers, creators. Manifesters. People who are not afraid to share their light with the world. You see it and feel it. And among the dreamers we’ve met, they automatically carry a well of optimism and hope. They are not rigid and stuck in their physical reality. They live in a world of potentials. They are naturally open. Open to the possibilities out there for them.


Although I love the serene, peaceful atmosphere of Sunriver, I also love that creation energy.

LA is not our scene. But maybe I can bring Sunriver with us. Maybe LA needs some Sunriver peace and serenity.

And we can create a second dream home down there.

Because who says you can only have one dream home?


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