Moving forward

Things are moving along!

Jack has been working hard on cleaning out the garage and putting stuff in storage. We have been able to sell a couple items on Craigslist. We found someone to take the bearded dragons, and we have someone coming tomorrow to look at the tent trailer.

This week I also got in touch with another mom who moved down to LA last July with her son. It was great to be able to ask her questions. Her responses encouraged me greatly.

She mentioned that her son is in public school, but that they’re seriously considering homeschooling him next year with online school. That is something we had been considering for Ty, too. Apparently, on weeks when her son has several auditions, the schools aren’t too lenient with him being gone so much.

I’m headed to my employer’s corporate office in Salem tomorrow for a few days. I have some meetings to attend. It will be my last time over there.

It’s been almost two weeks now since I’ve given my resignation notice to my boss. The emotions I had swirling around that event have subsided. Now I find myself constantly thinking of the future and looking forward. Especially as more opportunities are already starting to show themselves for Ty as we get closer to living in LA. We have a self-tape audition we’re submitting today for a role that Ty is pretty excited about.

Next Friday is my flex Friday. I have several errands planned. We are also scheduled to meet with the property management company that will manage our house as a vacation rental.





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