Letting go

Letting go

With ambivalent emotions I gave my 30-day notice to my boss today. I could hardly sleep last night. This was the major final step to take to solidify our move to LA. It’s done now.

We are moving to Los Angeles.

The conversation with my boss went well. I knew it would go fine, but the FINALITY of it has always been what has made me nervous. I’m now at the mercy of fate. Scary.

Letting go of control in my life has always been hard for me.

I’m believing by taking this leap of faith, doors of opportunity are bound to open.

As I look out the window, I see a flurry of snowflakes, vigorously dancing with the strong winds. The snowflakes have no ideas where they’re going, where they’re headed.

And, yet, they are perfectly content blowing around wherever the wind carries them.


Almost blissful. They are just “being.”

That’s where I’m striving to be.

I have no idea where this California adventure will take us. And I’m learning more and more that knowing the result of our journey is not the answer; the journey is.


Trust. I am learning to trust Spirit. (Or God if you prefer that term…it’s become too masculinized for me because I believe God is genderless. Gender is an earthly construct, but that’s for an entirely different blog.)

And I don’t believe I’m meant to only trust. But to ENJOY the process.

In his book MOTIVATION MANIFESTO, Brendon Burchard, says,

“The magic of life is found in learning to bring joy to the uncertainty.”

That definitely does not come naturally to me.

But I want it to. I know blessing comes with living life this way.

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