LA Trip

We returned from LA a few days ago. We took the opportunity to explore our options if we decided to move down there.

We met with a couple of talent agents and managers. We signed with one of each. Tyson is now represented by an LA agent and manager — that is much of the battle in order to break into the entertainment industry in Hollywood! Woohoo!!!

I had a job interview in Pasadena that went well. We viewed four different apartment complexes located in Burbank and Glendale.

We had to do a lot of driving. I did the driving. (I like driving.) It was good to view the different areas of LA and get familiar with some of the highways. Even though there is a ton of traffic, I love how everyone is paying attention and driving fast, intent on getting to their destinations. I wish more drivers in Oregon drove like that!

There is a lot of paperwork and rules to contend with for child entertainers in California. We had to apply for a work permit for Ty that required his school’s signature and stamp. There were a couple snags, but we were finally able to get his work permit at a state office located in North Hollywood. We also had to open a trust account at a bank that administers Coogan trust accounts. (Tyson’s talent manager referred us to a good credit union in Downtown LA.) Without the trust account and work permit, Tyson would not be eligible to book any jobs.

I have been enjoying learning about the rules and all that is involved in the entertainment industry. It’s fascinating to learn what everyone does and the inner workings.

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