How it began

A journey we started last summer is taking us much farther than we ever dreamed.

Last July I saw an ad on my Facebook feed from a company called Seattle Talent. They would be at the Sunriver Resort on Saturday, looking for people ages 5 to 25 who may be interested in learning about acting and modeling. Being that Sunriver Resort is literally a three-minute drive away, I asked Tyson if he’d be interested in going to see what it was all about. He said sure.

We arrive at 11am on Saturday. We check in with a woman at a table in front of the conference room. We completed a generic information and contact form and she asked if we had any headshots (aka photos). No. We had nothing. She said that was fine, and handed Tyson a sheet of papers with a number she wrote in the upper corner, saying he needed to choose one of the paragraphs to read for a little audition at the end of Seattle Talent’s presentation when they called his number.

What?! An audition?

I asked Ty if he was good with that. To my pleasant surprise, he was.

Seattle Talent did their presentation of who they are and what they do, including showing pictures of successful actors and models they had trained. Tyson recognized several of the kid actors and was getting excited. He was VERY intrigued.

After the presentation, they started calling numbers and the contestants performed their lines for the judges. Tyson started practicing while we were waiting. I could tell he wanted this BAD. When it was his turned, he did great. Tyson received a callback from Seattle Talent that evening.

We met with them the next day and signed Tyson up for acting classes that would take place at Sunriver Resort every Sunday. It was wonderful that the classes were literally in our neighborhood.

In late September, Seattle Talent hosted an audition at Sunriver Resort to find students who were ready to train and compete at the International Model & Talent Association (IMTA) five-day competition in Los Angeles in early January 2017. The best part of this prestigious event is there are approximately 150 talent agents and managers scouting for new talent.

IMTA audition Sept. 2016
Ready for his audition for IMTA!

At the audition a talent manager from Los Angeles was judging the auditions with Seattle Talent. She was looking for talent she wanted to sign.

Tyson won them over with his monologue and magic tricks.

Not only did Seattle Talent want to prepare Tyson for IMTA, but three weeks later we received a callback from the LA manager. She wanted to represent him, too!


The talent manager had several requirements, one of them being that we needed to live at the minimum three months in LA during pilot season each year. Yikes. We decided that before we would consider signing with her, we wanted Tyson to experience IMTA first to see if he was really serious about pursuing an acting career.

January 2017 rolls around. Tyson competed at IMTA.


He won several awards, including WINNING the monologue competition, 1st runner up to Male Pre-Teen Actor of the Year, 2nd runner up in the Cold Read competition, 4th runner up to Male Pre-Teen Model of the Year, and 4th runner up to Most Sought After Male Talent of the Year (among all age groups)!


Tyson ended up receiving 26 callbacks from talent agents and managers. It was an amazing event, and the best time of Tyson’s life. We were absolutely thrilled for Tyson and in awe of what was happening.


It is now late January 2017, and we have some tough decisions to make.

Next week we are flying to LA again to meet with several agents and managers to decide who to sign with.

The jobs for Tyson are in LA, not in Sunriver. Tyson wants to move to LA more than anything. We find ourselves seriously considering moving to LA so Tyson can pursue his blossoming acting career. It’s exciting and scary and overwhelming and amazing.

All the lights are green to move at this time.

When you have huge, incredible doors of opportunities opening for you, you don’t close them. You don’t turn back. That’s how regret is born. And we don’t believe in living a life of regret.

We believe in following the signs. Of walking through doors that are open for you, believing there’s a reason these doors are opening for us.

And it’s not about the outcome. It truly is about the journey. We are not moving to LA for the sole purpose and hope that Tyson will become a big star (although, that would be awesome).

We are moving there because that is where Universe is leading us. Even if Tyson never becomes a star — or ends up deciding acting isn’t for him — following the direction Universe is leading us will always bring about evolution for us and our lives.

Even if it is behind-the-scenes.


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